STUDIO TERP is a one-woman company founded by Sonja Kuijpers.

Being educated in public space design and having built a career at a landscape architecture firm, I have a fundamental experience in analysis and its visualization: in landscape architecture there’s always a need to research the history of a location, to visualize layers, to explain the concept and the final plan in diagrams.

When I started my own company my interest in visualizing information grew. I started reading many books on infographics and datavisualization and related subjects such as statistics and visited the Infographics Congress where I met different people involved in creating information graphics. Based on my personal interests (for instance extremes in precipitation) I got to experiment with data and visualization and created some independent projects (which I still love to do). I namely design my projects in Illustrator with the help of some other tools.

Since, I’ve been working on projects for clients such as Philips, the Dutch government, the Friends of the High Line in New York and F19 digital reporting.

Sonja Kuijpers


There are several steps that are a part of the process of an infographic or a data visualization: collecting all the necessary data and information, checking, cleaning and de-cluttering the data, sketching, designing, adjusting.

This path is not a linear one, it’s a process of going back and forth through these steps. At first sight, this might seem to slow down the progress but it is definitely needed to come to the right decisions. You would not want to act precipitately and publish something that is communicating an insufficient or wrong message and end up with a deficient design.


The goal of a project is to enlighten. Skills, knowledge and experience will be put into practice to create an intriguing visualization.

Throughout the complete project I keep a curious and open mind, always placing myself in the position of the audience to keep myself critical without losing sight of the design. I actively engage the client and keep my focus on the data to sharpen the story and its details.


Every project, every design is a process on its own. Sometimes all steps will need to be taken, but it’s also possible the client delivers cleaned-up data or has a ready-to-use framework (corporate design) that’s easy to implement. The estimated hours and costs will be calculated depending on the steps needed and how detailed or elaborate the design is going to be. 

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