My family (a visualization)

the Kuijpers familytree

Our annual Kuijpers family get together is approaching and this year I’ve been working on this idea to visualize my family tree in a more challenging way. And since I can’t memorize all family members, who’s whos partner, which kid belongs to which niece or nephew (I know I know, I probably should try a bit harder), I’ve put them all in one visualization to create myself a great cheatsheet ;-)

To me my family starts with my grandparents opa Harry and oma Door. They are at the center of all who are present now. I could have gone back in time much further but that wasn’t my goal (also, the Kuijpers family is a large one, my grandfather was one of 16).

Also we get together at the place my grandparents used to live (my aunt and uncle live there now) and I care to think each and every one of us has some fond memories of that place.


Choosing the circled layout, the connectors, the styling: I guess I just have a thing for a blueish science fiction atmosphere. A dot for each person (male/female coded), lines connecting parents, children, partners by different colors so you can tell which generation.

These are some numbers to share:

Count of persons in a generation (alive)

2nd Generation: 11 Male 5 Female 6

3rd Generation: 29 Male 12 Female 17

4th Generation: 27 Male 15 Female 12

The age-difference between the oldest (alive) and the youngest is 72 years

There are 5 days a year when 2 people celebrate their birthdays

Most are born in June (9)

The 20th is the most common birthday in a month (7x including twins)

The most used first letter of a name is M (13x) followed by J (11x)