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STUDIO TERP is a one-woman information design company. I create data visualization and infographics to visually guide audiences through challenging data that otherwise would be difficult to understand. And while the message remains top-priority, I also strive to bring aesthetics and novelty into a project. Insight and clarity are guiding principles, but I aim to explore unconventional solutions and new approaches so as to broaden audience’s horizons.


Wish to learn to effectively bring data to life with creative shapes, colors, and layouts?
In the course that I created for Domestika, the online creative courses platform, I give you the tools you need to transform data into captivating illustrations using colors, shapes, and images. Discover how to collect and analyze data sets, as well as how to transform them into a unique poster that tells a story. Ready to create your own data art? Subscribe here

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Information graphics

Images are ‘read’ and comprehended faster than text. Your brain doesn’t need to work so hard to see relations, up- or downward trends and what comes first and after that.

The difference between infographics and data visualization: An infographic visually shows information in a figurative way. An infographic often consists of icons and simple graphs which illustrate a story purely visually: a how to-manual, a display of annual numbers, illustrations on when or how something happened, by means of a 3D view of a location, for instance. Infographics are typically used for small data to tell a story in a visually compelling fashion. A data visualization, on the other hand, translates larger sets of data/information into a graphic display and is more exploratory in nature. The analyses of the data will be visualized and the message and insights will either be shown directly by the design or left to the viewer to discover. It shows a story-line by means of many points, lines and connections. Bear in mind that these are not just simplifications of data nor have simply an aesthetic purpose , but in fact, they are a translation, a tool to encourage your audience to engage with your data, explore, ‘read’ and understand these more quickly than when confronted with large amounts of text or excel tables.

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