the Greatest Switch, a datavisualization by STUDIO TERP


The Greatest Switch top 100 is a chart of the greatest dancemusic according to the Studio Brussels audience.
(one can submit 3 songs by means of a voting website)

This visualization is best viewed on a large screen. Since the data from 2009 was incomplete (hopefully someone will deliver it to me) I decided to leave 2008 and 2009 data out of the visualization. The data was collected from several websites including (and several other websites for verification like and 

The visualization below shows what songs were listed 1-100 in the Greatest Switch 2017 and their ranking of 2010-2016.

Songs were produced in the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s or 10s. *
* Some songs listed are remixed versions of songs which were originally produced earlier

You can follow the course of each song during the years by following the curved lines

leaping from 2010   to 2011   to 2012   to 2013   to 2014   to 2015   to 2016   to 2017    

Should be a scrollable Top 100 in here

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Of the 18 new entries in this 2017 Greatest Switch the highest entry is on nr 9 "The house of house" by Cherrymoon Trax.

Of the 100 songs listed on the 2017 chart 37 were listed all years (2010-2017).

Of the 100 songs listed on the 2017 chart
82 were also on the 2016 chart
72 were also on the 2015 chart
72 were also on the 2014 chart
65 were also on the 2013 chart
57 were also on the 2012 chart
65 were also on the 2011 chart
61 were also on the 2010 chart

The songs in the chart are from several decades. In the 2017 chart only 1 song originates from the 70s: Donna Summers "I feel love" (1977). House music developed in Chicago's underground dance club culture in the early 1980s and since the early to mid-1990s, house music has been infused into mainstream pop and dance music worldwide so most songs come from the 90s and 00s.